4x4 Training and Off-road Driving Courses in Iceland

For people who love off-roading across difficult mountain tracks in the wilderness, Iceland has a lot to offer and so does Nature Explorer.

Iceland has a great variety of difficult terrain within short distances so it's easy to get training in all types of challenges and condtions, including snow, sand, unbridged rivers, rocky terrain and rough mountain tracks. Icelander's have a strong 4x4 culture and expert knowledge in the field from dealing with these challenges.

We have our own off-road track in the south of Iceland and within 50km from our base we have all the different obstacles and types of terrain, all year round:

Rocky Terrain
Unbridged Rivers

 On the menu here to the left you can learn more about our 4x4 off-road courses which we combine with a self-drive tour of Iceland, our off-road training for military forces or read about our 4x4 off-road instructors.

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4x4 Training

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