4×4 Training

Off-Road Training in Iceland

Nature Explorer instructors have decades of experience in 4×4 off-road driving, both in and outside of Iceland. Our main instructor is a member of the I4WDTA (Int. 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association) and has trained military forces both in Iceland and in Afghanistan for ISAF and NATO forces. Iceland has a lot to offer for 4×4 training and so does Nature Explorer.

Off Road Academy

For people who love off-roading across difficult mountain tracks in the wilderness, Iceland has a lot to offer and so does Nature Explorer.

Iceland has a great variety of difficult terrain within short distances so it’s easy to get training in all types of challenges and conditions, including snow, sand, un-bridged rivers, rocky terrain and rough mountain tracks. Icelander’s have a strong 4×4 culture and expert knowledge in the field from dealing with these challenges.


Military Course

Why a course in 4×4 Driving Techniques? Crossing unbridged rivers on a 4×4 driving course in Iceland

Many of the zones where your team is working are in developing countries with limited to no infrastructure, bad or no roads, in harsh and difficult terrain – far away from support. Being able to get from A to B, or just away from A, can be critical for the success and efficiency of your project, not to mention the safety of your team.

Nature Explorer 4×4 off-road instructors:

Haukur Parelius (‘Hawk’)
Hawk is an internationally certified 4×4 trainer and member of the Int. 4×4 Trainer’s Association. He has gathered information from different parts from the world and gone on different 4×4 courses in different countries, both to add to his own knowledge but also to see what is being offered.

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