4×4 Training

Off-Road Training in Iceland

Nature Explorer instructors have decades of experience in 4×4 off-road driving, both in and outside of Iceland. Our main instructor is a member of the I4WDTA (Int. 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association) and has trained military forces both in Iceland and in Afghanistan for ISAF and NATO forces. Iceland has a lot to offer for 4×4 training and so does Nature Explorer.

Off Road Academy

For people who love off-roading across difficult mountain tracks in the wilderness, Iceland has a lot to offer and so does Nature Explorer.

Iceland has a great variety of difficult terrain within short distances so it’s easy to get training in all types of challenges and conditions, including snow, sand, un-bridged rivers, rocky terrain and rough mountain tracks. Icelander’s have a strong 4×4 culture and expert knowledge in the field from dealing with these challenges.


Military 4×4 Courses

Why a course in 4×4 Driving Techniques?  Many of the zones where your team is working are in developing countries with limited to no infrastructure, bad or no roads, in harsh and difficult terrain – far away from support. Being able to get from A to B, or just away from A, can be critical for the success and efficiency of your project, not to mention the safety of your team.

4×4 Off-Road Instructor:

Haukur Parelius (‘Hawk’)
Hawk is an internationally certified 4×4 trainer and member of the Int. 4×4 Trainer’s Association. He has gathered information from different parts from the world and gone on different 4×4 courses in different countries, both to add to his own knowledge but also to see what is being offered.

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