4x4 Off-Road Training
for Military & Peace Keeping Forces, Help Organizations and Professionals

Why a course in 4x4 Driving Techniques? Crossing unbridged rivers on a 4x4 driving course in Iceland

Many of the zones where your team is working are in developing countries with limited to no infrastructure, bad or no roads, in harsh and difficult terrain - far away from support. Being able to get from A to B, or just away from A, can be critical for the success and efficiency of your project, not to mention the safety of your team.

Benefits from a Nature Explorer Military 4x4 Driving course:
More completed missions
Increased safety of your team
Decreased maintenance cost of vehicles and equipment
More up-time in the field
Higher efficiency level of your team
Increased confidence of your drivers and team
Main Objective of a Military Off-road Driving Course:
-To make the drivers able to maximize the team's ability to cross difficult terrain safely without damaging the vehicle.
-The higher level of know how will build the driver's confidence and expertise. This will increase the team's effectiveness and decrease costs.

Why an off-road course in Iceland?
Iceland has a great variety of difficult terrain within short distances so it's easy to get training in all types of challenges and conditions, incl. snow, sand, unbridged rivers, rocky terrain and rough mountain tracks. Icelanders have a strong 4x4 culture and expert knowledge in the field from dealing with these challenges.

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We have our own off-road track in the south of Iceland and within 50km from our base we have all the different obstacles and types of terrain, all year round:

Rocky Terrain
Unbridged Rivers

Combination of all of the above makes our courses relevant, fun and we can promise a steep learning curve. A 4x4 course will save money, decrease maintenance cost and increase up-time. 

Super Jeeps Crossing Sanda River

For a course in 4x4 off-road driving techniques for your team, please contact us: info@NatureExplorer.is

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