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Information on Iceland, our super-jeeps, guides and more

Nature Explorer is passionate about Iceland and we love sharing it with fellow travelers with a taste for adventure. Here you can learn a bit more about the background of our team, see our fleet of super-jeeps and super-trucks, read a bit about Iceland’s nature, geography, geology and history, find answers to a few common questions and check the terms and conditions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and we will do our very best to help.

About Nature Explorer

Nature Explorer was founded by experienced Icelandic wilderness experts who after years
of using all their free time to go out and play in the wilderness, finally took the step and quit
their day jobs to follow their dream. Together the guides of Nature Explorer have decades
of experience in almost every field. Our team consists of mountain search and rescue
volunteers, experienced hiking guides, bird enthusiasts, photographers, ice climbers,
super-jeep experts and responsible adventurers. Before joining our team, our guides have been guiding for trekking associations, driver guiding for other tour operators, leading private expeditions and even making adventure-documentary films. We only invite real experts with passion for nature adventures to join our team. That way, we can insure that you and other fun-loving nature enthusiasts will be satisfied with our services.
Read hera about our team of driver-guides and travel planners about our fleet of super-jeeps and super-trucks.


About Iceland

Articles on Iceland where you can learn a bit about the nature, geography, geology and history of Iceland.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers to those questions.
‘How cold is Iceland?’
‘What should I bring and wear?’
‘How often is there a volcanic eruption?’


Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions when booking a tour with Nature Explorer. ‚The fine print‘ – which we don‘t try to hide and should not contain any nasty surprises as we follow the industry standard set by the Iceland Tourist Board.