Rent a Land Cruiser in Iceland             

Rent a Toyota Land Cruiser for your Iceland Self Drive vacation

From ISK 26900 per day

The Land Cruiser is the best rental car choice for the selective traveller who wants power, comfort and reliability.

Our driverguides recommend the Land Cruiser as the best  rental car for Iceland.

Prices:                             Winter:          Summer:    
Price per day  2-6 days:   ISK 26900       ISK 51900         
Price per day  7-13 days:  ISK 23900       ISK 49900         
Price per day  +14 days:   ISK 21900       ISK 46900        

Airport pick up / drop off: ISK 5500 per rental
Additional driver: ISK 5500 per rental
Summer season is May through September
Winter season is October through April

Unlimited mileage
CDW insurance

We do more than rent you a car for your Iceland vacation. We can plan it, book hotels and activities, provide you with a good map with your route marked and a road atlas so you can read about the places you visit.

We can also provide you with a guided tour on a private super-jeep for your Iceland trip.

Please note: You might get a car of similar size and quality, depending on availability

From ISK 26900 per day

Specifications for the Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser Rent a Land Cruiser in Reykjavik for yourself drive vacation in Iceland or similar

Doors: 5Toyota Land Cruiser from Hertz
Passengers: 5
Big bags: 2
Suitcases: 2

Nature Explorer is all about safety and service. Therefore:
GPS is included with all cars
Iceland Road Atlas is included (if we plan your trip)
We provide you with an Icelandic mobile phone with all the necessary numbers (if we plan your trip)
We can provide you with an Iceland map with your route marked (if we plan your trip) 

Optional: We can help you plan your vacation in Iceland for a small planning fee.

At Nature Explorer we belief in honesty and good service, therefore we will not hide the following in the fine print. To our knowledge the following rules apply at all Icelandic car rentals:
No insurance covers damages occurring when crossing unbridged rivers and streams.
No insurance covers the undercarriage of the vehicle.
Basically it means if you lose or damage the rental car in river, you´re liable.

If you damage the undercarriage you are liable.

Keep this in mind when planning your Self-Drive. If you plan to visit places like Thorsmork Nature Reserve where you need to cross about 20 glacial rivers and streams, you might be saving money by going on one of our Super-Jeep tours rather than risking having have to pay for a new Land Cruiser.

Crossing rivers in Iceland is for experts

Why choose Nature Explorer for your rental car in Iceland?

Here are some reasons why you should consider renting a car from Nature Explorer. Nature Explorer is partnered with Hertz car rental in Iceland so our customers get the best of both worlds;

- From us you get personal attention you can expect from a small service company
- We can help you plan your vacation in Iceland and we know Iceland intimately from our own tours and travels
- We answer emails. Provide you with good maps (not just the free ones full of ads), Icelandic Road Atlas and a mobile phone
- You can call us 24/7 - and Hertz too.
- Hertz is an international brand, with the highest standards so you get a certain security of quality vehicles
- Hertz in Iceland has over 30 service partners throughout Iceland so they are quicker helping you than smaller car rentals which only have an office in Reykjavik. This is important because of the distances, especially if you plan to drive the Ring Road around Iceland or on the mountain roads in the highlands.

This all goes to safety; new and reliable cars which have top inspection, personal service from the first enquiry and through your vacation, emergency contacts and phone so if something should happen you will get assistance quickly. Your holiday is important and we want to make sure it is a success.

 If you have any questions, please don‘t hesitate to contact us:

 - Of course you should try one of our Super-Jeep tours which take you to places where rental cars have no business; up on glaciers, across unbridged rivers and off-roading on the black sand beach. Please check our Adventure Day Tour page:

Super Jeep on a glacier
Still not convinced?

Have you looked at our Super-Jeep Photogallery?

Or checked out our Customer Reviews?

Read about Nature Explorer, our guides and vehicles?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book and pay for a rental car?
A: You can book the car through our website.  Payment is made upon booking, and we’ll then send you a voucher which you print out and present when picking up the rental car.

Q: How old do I have to be to rent a car in Iceland?
A: For the smaller vehicles you need to be at least 21 and for the jeeps 23.

Q: Do I need an international driver’s license to rent a car in Iceland?
A: As long as your driver’s license is in English then you don’t need an international driver’s license.

Q: Why do you use large car rentals, like Hertz?
A: Because they have good service and several rental locations all over Iceland.  For example; if your car breaks down 400 km from Reykjavik you don’t have to wait a full day for a new car from Reykjavik, but can get a replacement or a fix closer by.  Hertz has the largest service network.

Q: I have never driven in snow or ice before; do you think it’s safe for me to do a self-drive trip in the winter?
A: Icy roads can be tricky if you are not used to them, but it’s really up to how confident you feel.  We can provide you with a private car and a driver guide if you wish, who is used to wintery conditions. The super-jeeps gives you a whole range of new possibilities.

Q: Is it safe to cross rivers in the 4wd rental cars?
A: Rivers are often difficult to cross, as they sometimes suddenly get very deep and you can easily get flooded.  Damage caused while crossing rivers is never covered by insurance so we don’t recommend doing it in a rental car, rather go with a professional.  However, if you do plan on crossing rivers (at your own risk) it is best to wait for someone else and ask to see them cross first.  People are generally happy to help, and usually someone will be along in a short while.

Glacier Rivers change from one hour to the next and are very dependent upon weather. Don't assume that it's safe to cross just because there is a a road on the other side. Better safe than sorry.

The main roads in Iceland are paved and well taken care of, but mostly have only one lane in each direction.

The Ring Road is approx. 1400 km and 70 km are gravel, rest is paved.

Be careful of single lane bridges, slow down and yield for oncoming larger vehicles

Highland roads (marked F) are gravel roads and not suitable for 2wd cars.  There are often unbridged rivers to cross on the way, so we recommend checking your route carefully if you plan on heading into the highlands.
- In the summer: The highland roads open in mid- to late-June and close in late-September. The Kjolur route is suitable for normal 4wd cars but many other roads, such as Sprengisandur, are more difficult to cross.
- In the winter: The Road Administration do their best to keep the roads clear of snow, but there is often ice on the roads so we do recommend 4wd cars in the winter. All F-roads are closed in winter.

The car comes with a full tank of gas and you need to return it with a full tank of gas.  There are several gas stations and road stops all around Iceland, in almost every town and along the main road.  If you go into the highlands we recommend filling up when you can and definitely not go into the highlands low on gas, as there are no gas stops on the mountain routes.

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