Customer Reviews and Comments

Nature Explorer is an Icelandic service company committed to provide customers with excellent service. We realize your vacation is your most valuable time of the year and we will do our best so you will have a great time on our tours. Therefore Nature Explorer sends a quality survey to every customer. On this page you will see how our customers reviews and some of the comments they have made on their adventure day tour.

Results from Nature Explorer Quality Survey
Last update: February 11, 2013
Answers are given on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is best.
1=Very unsatisfied, 2=Rather unsatisfied, 3=Neutral, 4=Satisfied, 5=Very satisfied

2011    2012    2013 (Jan)
How satisfied were you with our services?          4,90    4,89       5
Did the tour meet your expectations?                 4,89    4,85       5
Was the Super-Jeep clean and comfortable?       4,96    4,93       5
Was the guide friendly and service minded?        4,98    4,95      5
Was the guide knowledgeable about Iceland?     4,94    4,95       5
Did you feel safe in the Super-Jeep on the tour?  4,96   4,98       5

We are proud to score above 95% in our customer reviews and we try on every tour to improve. Bringing back happy clients is our best marketing – and makes the tours more fun for us too.

Here is one reply to our quality survey which we are quite fond of:

1. How satisfied were you with our services? 5
2. Did the tour meet your expectations? Yes of course – it surpassed them!!!
3. Was the Super-jeep clean and comfortable? 5 (yes – it was even comfortable when off roading!)
4. Was the guide friendly and service minded? Yes. The tour was extremely informative and interesting throughout the whole day
5. Was the guide knowledgeable about Iceland, it´s nature and history? 5 (very)
6. Did you feel safe in the Super-Jeep and how it was driven by the driverguide? Yes very. Our guide was a very safe driver even in the icy conditions we felt very safe
7. What do you most remember from the tour? All the natural wonders of Iceland were amazing – walking on the glacier was extremely fun in the strange shoe things so you could stand on the ice and not fall over
8. Any surprises, good or bad on the tour? If so, what?  – wow! (in a good way)
9. Would you recommend Nature Explorer to your friends? Yes we would and have done already
10. Any comments, complaints, ideas or suggestions? We had a lovely time. Thank you very much
– Philippa Huntsworth, UK, Golden Circle + Glacier Dec 30, 2010

Nature Explorer staff & guides sincerely thanks all of those who were so kind to reply to our Quality Survey. Their feedback will benefit you.

Customer comments

I just returned from Iceland and one of the best memories will be the Nature Explorer Tour. I loved our guide, he was passionate about nature, very funny, and always thoughtful and considerate. He took us for an amazing lunch of fresh catch Arctic char and I would never have gone to this spot on my own. We discussed everything from film to child care and politics. I truly fell in love with Iceland on this tour. I was solo but our jeep had a great couple who were also on tour and it was so nice to have a small group and I felt very comfortable being solo.  Brenda, Canada, Spectacular South tour in April 18

I can’t recommend Nature Explorer enough! What a fantastic day out. Our guide really knew his stuff and stopped off to show us volcanic craters on the way back to Reykjavik that weren’t in our itinerary. We’re planning on coming back to Iceland next winter and will definitely be going on a Nature Explorer trip again! Thanks guys! – Alex Buckingham, UK – Golden Circle + Glacier on April 17

This survey cannot be anwsered with ‘satified or not’. I really loved the superjeep tour and think it is the best way to explore Iceland. We let Nature Explorer arange us a Toyota Landcruiser for the other 2 days of our stay and drove around to see most of the ‘tourist attractions’, but the more spectacular views simply require larger tires 🙂 Keep up the good work and try to stay a small, personal company! – Frank Hoving, Holland – Magnificent West + Glacier on April 8

We spent two great days with our wonderful guide.  It felt like we had a friend showing us around, sharing Iceland’s spectacular scenery with us – Janet Zadra – Spectacular South on March 2 and Magnificent West + Glacier on March 6

Our northern lights tour with our guide was amazing- we had fantastic luck with the cloud cover and with Hawk’s experience and expertise, we were able to have absolutely fantastic views of the lights. We wouldn’t have been able to take such great photographs without Hawk’s help with the camera settings on our new camera, his knowledge of cameras was a great bonus, thank you so much! – Megan Dey – Northern Lights Evening Tour on February 20

We were thrilled with your company, who made the holiday for us. – Dr. Clio Bellenis, Golden Circle + Glacier tour with snowmobiles on Oct. 28 and a Northern Lights tour on Oct. 27 (where we actually didn’t see any auroras but made the best of it and had a great evening safari)

We really liked getting to know our guide. He read us very well – understanding that we really wanted to hike all day. He did a great job getting us into fabulous places for hikes. – Sarah Garraty, private tour on Sept. 12-14

The entire tour exceeded our expectations, from the start to the end. We debated if we wanted to to this tour due to cost. We had the best time and were not dissapointed. We have recommended Nature Explorer to other friends. – Sally Rogers, USA, Golden Circle + Glacier tour on Sept. 16 with Lulli

Iceland has a beauty all it’s own, beyond anything I expected. Driving onto the glacier was quite a surprise for me and my friend, and it was easily our favorite part of the trip. We thought the glacier was amazing. Thank you so much, this jeep tour was full of experiences that were beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. Thanks a million! – Caroline Marie Gusa, Golden Circle + Glacier tour on July 15

I was pleasantly surprised by our ability to access places that we would otherwise not been able to experience. I think Nature Explorer is the best way to truly explore beauty of Iceland with knowledgable guides in comfort with minimal physical effort. We had truly had two most enjoyable days with memories that will last a lifetime. I would recommend your company to anyone. – Andrew peczeniuk, Golden Circle + Glacier tour on July 4 and Landmannalaugar – Hekla on July 5


Letters from clients

Edward and I are remembering our trip from last year and the tour that you and your team led for our friends. It’s kind of hard to to believe it was a year ago already, and I have to say that we´re disappointed that we couldn’t plan an anniversary trip for ourselves this year. Our friends continue to talk about what a great time they had and how much fun you and the guys made their tour. We (and our friends) continue to tell everyone we know about the beauty of Iceland and recommend Iceland vacationing (and your tour services, of course). Anyway, we just wanted to drop a line and say “hello” as we reminisced about our trip. We hope things are going well for you and your business.  – Richard Gunther and Edward Cullen

It is now just two weeks since were in Iceland and the memories are as fresh as the Icelandic air. Our tour with you, the highlight of our visit, gave us an insight into many aspects of the country I am sure could not have been achieved by any other means. You should be proud of the service you supply and rightly so, all the correct words, professional, high quality, personal, informative, apply. Having looked at your website and customer responses one person openly said he looked for areas to criticise in a constructive way but found none, this I could fully endorse, without really having looked for areas to criticise. Good luck in the future, I am sure you will prosper and develop into greater things. – Bill Mc Allister

Hi again Nature Explorer(s), We just wanted to drop you a quick message to say how much we enjoyed our trip around the Golden Circle when we were over at the end of January. Oli was extremely pleasant, enthusiastic & knowledgeable – all that a good guide should be. If we ever get the chance to come back, we will be sure to look you up again, and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends. Once again, thanks for a really memorable trip. – Craig & Julie

Some of the comments from our clients in our quality survey:

What do you most remember from the tour?     

  • The awesome beauty of the Icelandic wilderness and the enthusiasm and generosity that you (Hawk) shared your knowlege and experience with us. I also so appreciated having more of a native insider point of view.  – Tina Henle, St. Croix, USA
  • Being able to be in places completly alone – Rachel Gowers, UK
  • I wouldn’t know where to start, it was all great. The ice caves, the glacier, the craters, the hot springs and water falls – Keith Laschelles, Canada
  • Thorsmork without any tourists, the glacier lagoon and puncture on Myrdalsjokull-glacier (now I know how to repair a big tire :). And of course the fantastic Jeep! Thank you Jon for this breathtaking day! – Claudia Lieber, Germany

Any surprises, good or bad on the tour? If so, what?

  • Flexibility to stop and take photo’s etc –  Dr. Keith Harris, UK
  • SuperJeep was more comfortable than expected. We got some lessons on Icelandic food (Steinbitur, Rugbrauð, Flatkökur, Hangiálegg), Learned how to climb a wall into a cave. – Richard Olken, USA

Any comments, complaints, ideas or suggestions?

  • I liked the flexibility of small guided tours. Our guide, Jon, was great. We’d use your company again. – Brad Young, USA
  • I would like to add some criticism just to sound genuine, but I can’t honestly. Both trips exceeded my expectations. For whistle stop excursions of this nature, it is very difficult to get the balance right – sightseeing, chat, silence, tourism, conversation, debate, individual needs etc. All customers are different, so the guide has to pick up on this and adapt. They also need to be professional, safety conscious and knowledgeable. Balance is required here too. On both my trips our guide balanced all these elements with a good proportion of candid charm. So no criticism just compliments. The only negatives are those beyond your control – the weather and geology! But without those Iceland wouldn’t be Iceland. – Thomas Blackmore, UKKeep going as you are.  It’s great. – Robin Smith, UKBuild up some interesting stories or facts for the drive between sites – the more personalized the better, I enjoyed hearing about your trips with the hiking club.  Also as American’s we were confused on the tipping etiquette so if tips are customary on this type of excursion you would need to find a subtle way of making it known.  Attached is a picture – we loved it and look forward to recommending you to anyone we know looking for a great trip through nature.  Next time we’re in Iceland we’ll be sure to look you up. – Ari Kahn, USA
  • I must say, that our driver Ludwig made our as special as we could have imagined! He was a very knowledgable person and even gave us a private tour of the Geysir-Museum, did some offroad-driving (esp. for me as this was something I was really looking forward to), recommended a fantastic restaurant to us to go for our evening meal and generally entertained us with facts, figures and amusing stories about Iceland and the important landmarks. I could not be more grateful about this tour. Furthermore, I must express my thankfulness at the fact, that you were actually running this tour on this specific day as most bus and jeep tours were cancelled that day and as we were only staying 4 days in Reykjavik, it probably would have meant that we would not have been able to do the tour any other day than the 30/12/2007. So again thank you very much! It was a fantastic day day to remember and you made the start of honeymoon as perfect as we could have imagined!
  • Thank you very much and please send a special thank you to our driver Ludwig !!! – Dr. and Mrs. Kahler
  • Our Thorsmork trip with you was our most memorable part of Iceland.  Thank you! – Alyssa Clarke, USA
  • On our first tour lunch was not included. On the second one we had a marvelous lunch and dinner. We appreciate always and everywhere tours where verys local, typical lunches and dinners are provided for (and, of course we are prepared to pay the price for it). Suggestion: Propose this formula for the people who like it. – Chris Stoop, Belgium