Lunar Landscape & Blue Lagoon
Lava caves, hot springs & volcanoes

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Price: ISK 143000 total

The lunar landscape at Reykjanes, with all its volcanos and different lava formations, gives you a good idea why Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin came to Iceland to practice their moonwalk. Our adventure is not quite as extreme but still very extraterrestrial.

You might call this a "hot" tour since we experience geothermal power, blowing steam, hot springs and endless lava before a relaxing soak in the Blue Lagoon.

Tour details:
Duration: 6 - 8 hours
Departures: At your convenience
Free hotel pick up in Reykjavik
Price: ISK 135000 total for max 5 pax

Included: Exploring a lava tube cave
Not included: Blue Lagoon entrance package, Lunch and refreshments
Optional: We can book any Blue Lagoon package for you as long as there is availability.
You can see the Blue Lagoon packages here:

Price: ISK 135000 total

Available: Every day

This tour can easily be combined with a pick up or drop off at KEF airport.

One idea is to start after lunch and have dinner at the Blue Lagoon restaurant and search for the auroras on the way back.

We were pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the tour. Our guide was very astute, charismatic, and really fun to spend the day with. He really made the trip incredibly enjoyable. Also, we are travel writers and have taken many similar trips recently, and Nature Explorer beat them all - hands down!  We will highly recommend your company to as many people as we can!          -David Wegner

Lava tube Cave outside of ReykjavikJoin us on a great geological exploration in the lunar-like landscape of Reykjanes in a great day tour – and do it in style and comfort of our Super Jeeps. The Nature Explorer Lunar Landscape adventure is a great way to see very different landscape and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

For your safety Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours due to weather, road and snow conditions.


Every day as a private tour


6 people

Ideal to combine with an afternoon flight out of Iceland

Price: ISK 143000 total

Itinerary for the Lunar Landscape + Blue Lagoon tour

We start by going driving up to the geothermal area around Hengill volcano and visit the geothermal power plant. Not only do we get to go into the power plant but we also drive into the lava field and feel firsthand the power of a blowing borehole.

We then continue through a secret little track where we need to cross an unbridged river many times before we get back to a main road (our driverguides love this bit). We don't stay long on the main road but go into another lava field where you have the opportunity to do some caving in a lava tube cave.

A bit further we see how Icelanders still dry fish in the lava field just outside of the capital area - even if it's just a few miles from the city, it still the middle of nowhere. A few minutes later we are again away from all city lights off-roading on the Super-Jeep in lunar-like landscape which is vast, barren and deserted with many volcanoes and endless lava. We are in fact driving right where the tectonic plates meet; the Eurasia-plate and the North America-plate. This is the reason why the Reykjanes Peninsula is so volcanic.

We make our way along the rough tracks to Lake Kleifarvatn, a secluded mountain lake with black sanded beaches. At Seltun in Krysuvik we will explore a large geothermal area with many hot springs, boiling mud pools and blowing steamvents. Some journalists have said this are to be more fascinating than the more famous Geysir area. There are certainly fewer people and it is a strange and colorful world.

In the spring it's worthwhile to take a look at the Atlantic Ocean from the sea cliffs at Krýsuvik which is brimming with sea birds. Later in the afternoon we go by the back roads to the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing soak before heading back to Reykjavik.

Once in Reykjavik we will drop you off at your hotel or a restaurant of your choice. This tour is ideal to do on your departure day if you have an afternoon flight out of Iceland. Then we would drop you off at Keflavik Airport in time for your flight.

Lunar Landscape Adventure

Tour Highlights

Lunar Landscape Colours

Krýsuvík geothermal area
Lava tube cave
Blue Lagoon
Geothermal Power
Diverse lava fields

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