Magnificent West and Glacier
Super Jeep Tour from Reykjavik

Hraunfossar (Lava Waterfalls) in west Iceland

Price: ISK 39900 per person

The Magnificent West + Glacier is the most diverse day tour in terms of variety in landscape. It's a bit like a buffet were you get to taste almost everything Iceland has to offer: waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, lava cave, barren wilderness, tectonic plates, a fjord and so much more. It's also a fun off-road drive and an adventure.


Every day


2 people


6 pax per Super-Jeep

Tour details:
Duration: 8 - 10 hours
Departures: Daily at 9:00
Free hotel pick up in Reykjavik 10 - 20 min. before
50% discount for children 0-11 years old
Not included: Lunch and refreshments
Optional: Visit to the Ice tunnel / ice cave in Langjokull glacier, ISK 12000 per person
Optional: You can book the Magnificent West + Glacier as a private tour for ISK 155000 total

 Super Jeep cruising down Langjokull Glacier in West Iceland

For your safety, Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions

Price: ISK 39900 per person

Itinerary for Magnificent West + Glacier Super-Jeep day tour

Eiriksjokull glacier from the lava tube cave in West Iceland
This Nature Explorer adventure day tour starts by driving to Thingvellir where the oldest running parliament in world was founded and you can see the tectonic plates drift apart. After Thingvellir we cross the rough mountain road of Kaldidalur ('Cold Valley') were we enjoy great variety in barren landscape before reaching Langjokull, Iceland's second largest glacier. At Langjokull there is a man-made ice tunnel, Into The Glacier, which is an optional extra but needs to be pre-booked.
After a fun off-road on the white plains of the glacier in the Super-Jeep we drive down to Husafell and perhaps have some lunch and refreshments. The drive from the glacier down to Husafell is quite spectacular; from the simply white vast ice cap, through the mountain desert and down to the birch forrest at Husafell. In a near lava field there is one of Iceland´s largest and most magnificent lava caves, Surtshellir which was inhabited by outlaws. It's accessible in summer and fall so if you wish, we can provide you with headlights so you have the option go into a lava tube cave.
We continue down to Borgarfjordur to see Hraunfossar (Lava Waterfalls) where the river flows from underneath the lava field and cascades down into river.
Just a few meters away there´s another great waterfall, Barnafoss. We pass through the historical site of Reykholt before visiting Iceland´s most powerful geothermal spring, Deildartunguhver.
Return to Reykjavik via scenic Hvalfjordur (Whale Fjord).

Sometimes in winter and in May, the route may be changed because of difficult conditions at Kaldidalur - but there will still be plenty of off-roading and remote wilderness.

Magnificent West + Glacier

Tour Highlights

Thingvellir National Park
- Old Viking parliament ('Alþingi')
- Tectonic plate boundaries
- UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lava tube Cave
Hraunfossar (Lava Waterfalls)
Barnafoss (Children's Waterfall)
Langjokull Glacier
Iceland's largest hot spring
Hvalfjordur (Whale Fjord)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Magnificent West Tour

Farmer's graffiti in Hvalfjordur fjord

Q: Do we need to bring lunch or is there a place to stop on the way?
A: Your driverguide will advise you on the options and stop on the way to make sure you can get some food and refreshments - so, no you don't have to bring anything.
There is a little shop at Thingvellir we can stop at and in summer there is a little shop/café at Husafell in Borgarfjordur - and a little gas station in Reykholt. So in summer, we you don't have to bring anything but in winter almost everything is closed in Borgarfjordur but then we will stop on the way out of Reykjavik to give you a chance to stock up for the day.

Q: Is there blue ice on the glacier?
A: The glacier looks different between seasons and even from day to day. In winter the glacier is a vast snowy wilderness and you will most likely not see any blue ice as it is all covered by snow. In summer, the snow melts on the lower parts of the glacier and exposes the blue ice.
(Note: the ice isn't really blue; it appears blue because the way it reflects light)

Q: How far up on the glacier do we go?
A: This depends upon the snow conditions and weather. Sometimes the snow is hard and compresses so we can easily cruise high up on the glacier. Other times the snow is more challenging and we stay on the lower parts.
In summer and early fall, lower part of the glacier is very icy and crevassed so it's not safe to go far up on the glacier and we therefore stay close to the edge.

Safety on the Super-Jeep day tour Safety is always the first priority and we are not taking any chances or risks.

Do you have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us:

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