Thorsmork Nature Reserve & Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Thorsmork and Myrdalsjokull glacier

Price: ISK 39900 per person

Smallest group size in the industry: Only 2-5 adults in each Super-Jeep

Iceland's favorite hiking area
Thorsmork is a wide valley named after Thor, the Viking God of Thunder. Surrounded by 3 glaciers, Myrdalsjokull, Eyjafjallajokull and Tindfjallajokull in the southern part of Iceland, it offers a great picturesque panorama and landscape. The rugged nature of green valleys, steep mountains, clear creeks and wild rivers make Thorsmork one of the country´s most popular hiking grounds and a favorite place for many Icelanders.


Every day


2 people


6 pax in each Super-Jeep

Tour details:
Duration: 8 - 10 hours
Departures: Daily at 9:00
Free hotel pick up in Reykjavik 10 - 20 min. before
Price: 50% discount for children 0-11 years old
Not included: Lunch and refreshments
Available: All year but dependent upon snow conditions in Jan-Feb
Optional: Book the Thorsmork Super-Jeep tour as a private tour for ISK 155000 total. It´s also possible to change into a 2 day tour where we overnight in a mountain hut in Thorsmork. Check our multi-day tours.

Super Jeeps Thorsmork River Crossing
The Thorsmork Nature Reserve is a fun 4x4 tour to one of Iceland's most spectacular nature area. More opportunity for hiking and the great outdoors than on most other tours.

For your safety Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours due to weather, road and snow conditions.

Price: ISK 39900 per person

Itinerary for Thorsmork Nature Reserve

It´s only about 160 km east of Reykjavik but the last 30 km is one of greatest strips of mountain track you encounter – with unbridged rivers and streams to cross in our strong and reliable Super Jeeps. It´s a great 4x4 track and a lot of fun.

We´ll take a photo stop by the glacier just below the crater of Eyjafjallajokull volcano. In Thorsmork we stop for a few hours to enjoy the fantastic landscape, have lunch and/ or take a short hike. On the way back you have the opportunity to take a short hike through small but magnificent canyons with a hidden waterfall at the end.

We will also stop at the clear free falling waterfall of Seljalandsfoss where we go a short walk behind the waterfall and feel the refreshing spray and drizzle from one of Iceland´s highest waterfalls. Once in Reykjavik we will drop you off at your hotel or a restaurant of your choice.

 The track to Thorsmork of often impassable - but not for our Super-Jeeps

For your safety Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours due to weather, road and snow conditions.

Tour Highlights

Icelandic Landscape

- We go as close to the volcano Eyjafjallajokull as you can get
- See the dramatic glacier where it crumbles down from the crater on the top
- See the blue ice of the glacier

- The waterfall you can walk behind

Thorsmork valley (Þórsmörk / Porsmork)
- Green valleys, 'Icelandic forest', steep mountains, surrounded by 3 glaciers
- Remarkable and easy to see geology

Great hiking routes of different levels for you to choose from

Fun off-road adventure across 20 glacier rivers and streams

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