Incentive Tours from Reykjavik

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Iceland is an ideal country for an active incentive tour. You can combine sightseeing in amazing landscape with fun outdoor activities like snowmobiling, horseback riding or quad biking. The geothermal pools and the Blue Lagoon can add relaxation and wellness to the mix without losing the exotic feeling. Below are just a few ideas but the possibilities are endless.

Golden Circle

Iceland’s most popular tour for people visiting Iceland for the first time.

See most of Iceland’s nature and historical sights in the most popular day tour: Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir and Langjokull glacier. Tectonic plates, Viking Parliament, the geyser Strokkur and Iceland’s barren wilderness.


Two Day Incentive Tour in South Iceland

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, snowmobiling on a glacier, black sand beach, waterfalls and more amazing scenery on the south shore.

These will be two long days that go by very fast with a lot of fun.


Incentive Tour around Reykjavik

Off-road fun on a short incentive tour around Reykjavik

A fun incentive tour doesn’t have to be long. Just in and around Reykjavik we can go off-roading, explore a lava tube cave, visit a geothermal power plant and more…


Customized Tours

Does your team have special needs or ideas for your incentive tour in Iceland?
We would love to hear your wishes and we can throw in a few ideas so together we can plan the best possible incentive tour or team building in Iceland.


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