Location Management and Fixers in Iceland

                 Filming the eruption in Iceland

 Nature Explorer has worked with film crews on nature programming, exploration, adventure films and documentaries. Our clients range from CNN and National Geographic to small independent film makers.

Our driverguides are expert mountaineers, know Iceland really well and all the best places to visit - also the less accessible ones. Our 4x4 Super Jeeps can get you to almost any location in Iceland, whether it demands crossing fast flowing rivers or glaciers. We have taken cave explorers and film makers across Vatnajokull ice cap, Europe´s largest glacier and across the highlands.

In our team we have driverguides who have worked for years in an advertising agency, members of mountain search and rescue, explorers who have produced a documentary and published articles. Our driverguides are therefore much more than ordinary fixers, they have a bit of insight and understanding to your field and needs. We can assist with getting permits from land owners, national park authorities, the environmental agency etc.

Tour details:
Duration: 1 - 99 days
Season:  All year
Price: Depends on what you need
Whatever you need      

Price: Contact us
Available: All year

Whether you need a single fixer, team of 4x4 Super-Jeeps or a large location crew, we will gladly assist. We can also assist in booking other type of vehicles, whether you need a helicopter for aerial shots, boats or snowmobiles.

Filming in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

We can assist with filming permits, transport, props, contacts and interviews.

For further information, please contact us at: info@NatureExplorer.is

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