Iceland Summer Holidays

Experience more of Iceland with a local guide and explore the Icelandic natural wonders; glaciers and volcanoes, blue ice and Blue Lagoon, black sand beaches and horseback riding in green lava fields. With a driverguide on a Nature Explorer Super-Jeep, you will enjoy more adventure and more of Iceland as we can go places others can’t. You will also get more information on the classic sights, nature and history. Below are vacation ideas for Iceland in summer which we can adjust to your needs and wishes.

Guided Holiday Packages in Iceland:

Iceland Criss Cross

Kerlingarfjoll in central Iceland

Enjoy all of the nature Iceland has to offer; from the classic sights to the barren wilderness of the Icelandic highlands. Our driverguide will take you safely across the center of Iceland and back while showing you and explaining the natural wonders of Iceland

Iceland Mix of Adventures

Snaefellsjokull Glacier in Snæfellsnes

Snaefellsjokull Glacier in Snæfellsnes

By mixing a self drive with two Super-Jeep day tours, you get many of the best sights in south and west Iceland and great value while enjoying a summer holiday in Iceland planned by local experts.