4×4 Off-Road Training for Military & Peace Keeping Forces, Help Organizations and Professionals

Nature Explorer 4×4 off-road instructors:

Haukur Parelius (‘Hawk’)
Hawk is an internationally certified 4×4 trainer and member of the Int. 4×4 Trainer’s Association. He has gathered information from different parts from the world and gone on different 4×4 courses in different countries, both to add to his own knowledge but also to see what is being offered.
Hawk is the founder of Nature Explorer so he spends most of his time doing 4×4 Super-Jeep tours. He has been a member of Mt. Search & Rescue for over a decade and has driven in Afghanistan for ISAF as a MOT-driver.
Hawk is an experienced lecturer and instructor. Besides leading the military 4×4 courses Nature Explorer has been doing for the few years, he also has experience in other training, ranging from Mt. Search & Rescue members to corporate executives.
Hawk has a Master’s degree in Int. Marketing & Management.
You can read more Hawk’s profile and Nature Explorer on the page About Nature Explorer

“In Norway we learned how to destroy the vehicles; here we learned how to drive them” – Lars-Petter Sagemoen, Norwegian Jæger Korps


Benedikt M. Olafsson (Benni)
Benni is a mechanic and has years of experience in modifying 4×4´s in Iceland as well as driving them in the toughest conditions, both in Iceland and abroad.
Benni has served both as a mechanic on KAIA in Kabul and as a MOT-driver in Afghanistan on numerous missions. In fact he worked on modifying the Super-Jeeps that were used in Afghanistan. Benni has therefore a unique combination of knowledge and experience of how to build, repair and drive a 4×4.
Benni has seen first-hand how untrained and inexperienced drivers are breaking the 4×4´s resulting in high maintenance and cost, loss of efficiency and failed missions.
Together Benni and Haukur have expert knowledge in the field of 4×4 driving in the most difficult conditions.  They have both been working as ICRU MLOT-drivers in Afghanistan for ISAF and both have NATO Secret security clearance.

Together our instructors have expert knowledge in every field of 4×4 driving in the most difficult conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@NatureExplorer.is