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  • Thingvellir National Park

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  • Geyser Strokkur

  • gullfoss in winter

Golden Circle and Glacier
Super Jeep Day Tour from Reykjavik

The Golden Circle is the most popular day tour in Iceland for first time visitors. It includes the tectonic plate boundaries and the old parliament site at Thingvellir, Gullfoss waterfall and the geysers. This day tour is however different from the bus excursions because on this Super-Jeep tour we go into the highlands to Iceland’s second largest glacier where you have the option of going snowmobiling on the ice cap.

Itinerary for Golden Circle and Glacier Super Jeep Day Tour from Reykjavik

Departure from Reykjavik to Thingvellir where the oldest parliament in world was founded and you can see the tectonic plates boundaries. Not only will you see the tectonic plates but also shield volcanoes, craters and many geological features.
After Thingvellir we cross the road of Lyngdalsheidi towards Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall where we stop for lunch. Seeing the geyser Strokkur spout boiling water 25-30 m high in the air is fantastic nature experience and the Geysir area has numerous other hot springs.
After seeing Iceland’s most famous waterfall, Gullfoss up close and listening to its roaring thunder as it cascades 100 feet down the mighty glacial river Hvita we drive a mountain track to Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjokull, where you have the option of renting a snowmobile and blaze across the white plains of the ice cap.  If you decide not to go snowmobiling, driving on the snow and seeing the glacier and the barren landscape is still big fun and extraordinary. On the way back to Reykavik we pass Hveragerdi village and Hellisheidi geothermal power plant. Once in Reykjavik, we will drop you off at your hotel or a restaurant of your choice.
Sometimes we might reverse the Golden Circle, depending on weather, time of year etc  to make the best use of the daylight and give you the best possible tour.

Our driver-guides are knowledgeable about Iceland and will gladly adjust to your particular interest the best they can, whether it’s nature, geology, history, current affairs – or 4×4 stuff. We refer to it as ‘conversational guiding’. The interaction with our clients is a big part of why we love our jobs.

Fun Fact: Thingvellir is sometimes written Pingvellir but in Icelandic it’s Þingvellir (The special Icelandic letter ‘Þ’ is a ‘Th-sound’ but the letter looks like a ‘P’).

For your safety, Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions.

Highlights for Golden Circle and Glacier Super Jeep Day Tour from Reykjavik

Thingvellir National Park
– Old Viking parliament (‘Alþingi’)
– Tectonic plate boundaries
– UNESCO World Heritage Site

The original Geyser which all geysers are named after
The geyser Strokkur
Gullfoss waterfall
Langjokull Glacier, Iceland’s second largest glacier
Optional: Snowmobile tour on the glacier
Fun off-road adventure
Driving on a glacier

FAQ for Golden Circle and Glacier Super Jeep Day Tour from Reykjavik

Q: Do we need to bring lunch or is there a place to stop on the way?
A: There are cafés and bistros at Geysir and Gullfoss where we stop for lunch and for afternoon coffee – so, no you don’t have to bring anything.

Q: Is there blue ice on the glacier?
A: The glacier looks different between seasons and even from day to day. In winter the glacier is a vast snowy wilderness and you will most likely not see any blue ice as it is all covered by snow. In summer, the snow melts on the lower parts of the glacier and exposes the blue ice.
(Fun Fact: The ice isn’t really blue; it appears blue because the way it reflects light)

Q: How far up on the glacier do we go?
A: This depends upon the snow conditions and weather. Sometimes the snow is hard and compresses so we can easily cruise high up on the glacier. Other times the snow is more challenging and we stay on the lower parts.
In summer and early fall, lower part of the glacier is very icy and crevassed so it’s not safe to go far up on the glacier and we therefore stay close to the edge.

Safety is always the first priority and we are not taking any chances or risks.

Do you have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@NatureExplorer.is

“An Ideal Way to Explore” 

My husband and I did the “Golden Circle and Glacier Super jeep” tour by Nature Explorer. We enjoyed the flexibility of being able to take pictures for as long as we wanted at our favourite destinations and getting the personalized attention throughout the tour. Our guide, Finn, was a brilliant man with prodigious knowledge of Iceland. We enjoyed learning about Icelandic history and culture while visiting stunning natural wonders. Gulfoss was magnificent and awe-inspiring.
I highly recommend snowmobiling on the Langgiuokull glacier as an optional part of this tour. It was a thrill to hit a little speed in the snowmobile and the view from atop the glacier was one of the best of our entire trip. Pictures can’t replicate it due to the difference between what the eye sees and what the camera can capture. The vast volcano and glacier skyline with seemingly endless snow were a sight to behold.
Another highlight to this tour were the geysers of Haukadalur. It’s very touristy but for good reason. As the boiling of pressurized water results in a powerful upward stream of water and steam, it’s hard not to appreciate this natural spectacle. Our guide, Finn, is also a professional photographer so he helped us set up some of our best pictures.
Needless to say, I highly recommend this tour.

– Reviewed on Tripadvisor July 20, 2016 by Treveller T, Toronto Canada


“This is the BEST tour in Iceland!”

I cannot stress how much we enjoyed our time with Nature Explorers while we were in Reykjavik. We set up two tours with the company; one to the Blue Lagoon and one to tour the Golden Circle with an added glacier tour. Both guides were informative and fun, and both locations are not to be missed! the Golden Circle was especially memorable as we toured with Hawk, the owner of the company. His wealth of knowledge of the area and general fun facts about Iceland kept us entertained throughout the 9 hour tour. The sites were fabulous, especially the glacier. He was able to take us ONTO the glacier in his converted vehicle…a special and unique treat that ALL must do. I can’t recommend choosing Nature Explorer enough – so much better than a bus tour and so fun and memorable.
– Reviewed on Tripadvisor July 4, 2016 by Sierra Higgins, California USA

Here is a map of the Golden Circle + Glacier super-jeep day tour:

To book a tour, please send us an email to info@NatureExplorer.is with which tour(s) and options you wish to book, on which dates and for how many people and we will calculate the total cost, send you a booking number and a link to our secure booking page.

Tour details

Price: ISK 210800 per Super-Jeep
Price: ISK 310800 per XL Super-Truck

Super-Jeeps seat 1-5 passengers
XL Super-Trucks seat up to 9 pax
Available: Every day
Duration: 8 – 10 hours
Departures: 9 am or at your request
Free hotel pick up in Reykjavik
Not included: Lunch and refreshments

Optional: Snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier, ISK 20900 per person if two share one skidoo or ISK 30900 pp if one person per skidoo

Book Tour: info@NatureExplorer.is