Extra Long Super-Truck

super-jeeps on glacier


Super Jeeps in Icelandic Wilderness

Super Jeeps crossing river


supertruck in thorsmork

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super-truck landmannalaugar


Larger Families & Smaller Groups

For larger families and smaller groups we have extra long Super-Trucks which can seat up to 10 passengers each. For larger groups we can arrange for a fleet of Super-Trucks and Super-Jeeps.

Here are some of the advantages of doing your Iceland tour in a Super-Truck:
– Bigger tires = bigger adventure. The large tires make us able to safely cross unbridged rivers so we can go places normal cars and buses can’t, for example into the Icelandic highlands and even on the glaciers.
– More comfort and more style. Our Super-Trucks are not just impressive and capable but also quite comfortable.

Why not have a private Super-Truck and make your Iceland adventure so much bigger. Just drop us an email to info@NatureExplorer.is

What’s the Big Idea?

By deflating the large tires, they create a snowshoe effect by distributing the weight on a larger surface area and therefore the super-truck doesn’t sink into the snow but floats on top. This makes us able to drive on the glaciers and across the snowy wilderness. For example instead of just doing the Golden Circle tour, we have added the Iceland’s second largest glacier to the tour and do Golden Circle + Glacier

Our driver-guides are knowledgeable about Iceland and will gladly adjust to your particular interest the best they can, whether it’s nature, geology, history, current affairs – or 4×4 stuff.

For your safety, Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions


– XL Super-Truck can seat up to 10 passengers
– Safer and more fun
– Super-Trucks can drive on glaciers

FAQ for Super-Trucks

Q: Is it difficult to get in and out?
A: No, the XL super-trucks have automatic steps for each door for easy access

Q: Can the people in the back hear the driver-guide?
A: Yes, the super-trucks have intercoms so that everybody can hear through the speaker system.

Do you have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@NatureExplorer.is

Tour details

Price: Ask for quote

Available: All year

To start planning your tailor-made Iceland adventure, simply email us:

Email: info@NatureExplorer.is

To start planning your tailor-made Iceland adventure, simply email us info@NatureExplorer.is It helps if you let us know your dates and wishlist and for how many people