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Hveravellir – Geothermal Pool in Iceland’s Central Highlands

Hveravellir is an oasis in the center of the Icelandic wilderness, in between Langjokull (Iceland’s second largest glacier) and Hofsjokull (Iceland’s third largest glacier).

Hveravellir means “Hot spring – fields” due to the number of geothermal hot springs and steam vents. Besides the great unspoiled mountain view and big vistas, it has a great natural geothermal pool. The mountain huts are newly renovated and always warm – due to the abundance of natural hot water.

Super-Jeep & Mt. expert driverguide
Accommodation in the mountain cabin
Sleeping bags
Dinner on day 1, breakfast and lunch on day 2

Larger groups, please contact us for a quote: info@NatureExplorer.is

This tour is highly dependent upon snow conditions so we might need to adjust accordingly.

Reykjavik is a pretty and walkable city with much to see, but Iceland is a spectacular country with so many unusual things to experience that it’s a must for visitors to get out into the countryside.  Nature Explorer is the way to experience it.   -Ruth and Harvey Maibor

For your safety Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours due to weather, road and snow conditions.

Itinerary for Hveravellir

We have a few options to get to Hveravellir and we will choose the best route according to weather and snow conditions. The most exciting and our preferred route would be across the Langjokull glacier. This is a spectacular route and it’s exciting to blaze across the vast white glacier. If the weather and snow conditions are less favorable, we might select the northern route, which is also very scenic but much easier than the glacier in more challenging conditions.

When we arrive at Hveravellir, we can do some light hiking and sightseeing among hot springs and steamvents, lava fields and barren wilderness. Drinks in the natural geothermal pool where you enjoy a relaxing soak while your driverguide prepares a traditional Icelandic dinner.

If the Northern Lights are visible, taking a midnight bath underneath the auroras is almost mandatory. In any case, sitting in a natural hot pool in the middle of nowhere on a dark winter night, surrounded by nothing but wilderness and glaciers, is magical and mind blowing experience that will stay with you forever.

Our driverguide will prepare a 3 course dinner for you, a traditional Icelandic feast; cured or smoked salmon for starter, grilled lamb for main course and a desert. Breakfast the next day is of course also included together with lunch and snacks for the day.

For the route back we will go south, down the mountain road Kjolur – which is not really a road in winter – but still accessible in our modified Super-Jeeps. This route leads down to Gullfoss and Geysir – so we do the Golden Circle, Iceland’s most popular tourist route on the way back.

Tour Highlights

– Colorful hot springs and steam vents
– Natural Geothermal pool
– Far into the highlands, almost in the center of Iceland

Gullfoss waterfall
Geysir hot spring area
– Where Strokkur geyser erupts every 5-7 minutes

Thingvellir national park
– See where the tectonic plates meet
– Visit the old parliament site

See the Northern Lights (if we are lucky)

Cross the snowy plains of the highlands and enjoy the barren wilderness in a great off-road winter adventure.

What to bring and other details

Warm wind & wet proof clothes

Warm sweater (fleece or wool)

Good, waterproof shoes (preferably hiking boots)


Indoor shoes for the mt. hut

Bathing suit & towel


If you have a small headlight it can be useful

We don’t recommend jeans for walking. They easily get very cold and stiff.  Better to have something flexible to wear underneath the outermost layer.

We provide the sleeping bags and food for the trip.

To book a tour, please send us an email to info@NatureExplorer.is with which tour(s) and options you wish to book, on which dates and for how many people and we will calculate the total cost, send you a booking number and a link to our secure booking page.

Tour details

Price: Ask for quote

Available: Upon request

Enquire: info@NatureExplorer.is

For your safety, Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions