Northern Lights swirl

northern lights over kirkjufell


super-truck under auroras

Auroras Pyri

Northern Lights reflecting in Lake Thingvellir

Northern Lights Snow Super Jeep

Northern Lights Marshmellows

Northern Lights over SuperJeep

Northern Lights life ring

Northern Lights Lake

Auroras Super-Jeep

Northern Lights Jokulsarlon

Northern Lights Horses

Northern Lights Grimsborgir


Auroras Forest






Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Northern Lights out of Reykjavik

Auroras in Iceland

Private Northern Lights Tour in Iceland

To maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights take this multi-day Super Jeep tour into the Icelandic countryside and stay overnight at a hotel far from the city lights of Reykjavik. We can choose the part of Iceland that has the best weather forecast and thereby maximize your chances of seeing the Auroras (Northern Lights) in a short stay in Iceland.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and dependent upon weather and solar activity – so sightings can never be guaranteed.

In a nutshell, [our driver guide’s] expertise transformed what would have been impressive sights of rugged landscape, history, geology and even politics, into experiences never to be forgotten! Our photographs are disappointing because good as they are, they fail to convey the feelings stimulated by the things we saw and did and the discussions we so thoroughly enjoyed. So although we didn’t see the northern lights (too much cloud cover brought on by the rain gods) what we did experience far made up for that.      -Ruth and Harvey Maibor.

We explore the sights during the day and place ourselves in the best place for the auroras at night, far away from the city lights to see the auroras.

For your safety Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours due to weather, road and snow conditions.

Itinerary for the Northern Lights evening tour

There is no fixed itinerary. What decides where we go is the cloud cover and darkness; we need clear skies and as much darkness as possible.

The Northern Lights exist in the outmost layer of the atmosphere. They are created by electrically charged particles that make the thin air shine, not unlike a fluorescent light. They can be seen in auroral belts that forms 20-25 degrees around the geomagnetic poles, both the north and the south. The Northern Lights are also called Aurora Borealis. Named after the Roman Goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas. They are one of the most spectacular shows on this earth and can frequently be seen in Iceland from September through March on clear and crisp nights. Away from the glow of the city, we hunt for the elusive Northern Lights but please note that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings cannot be guaranteed.

Here are couple of helpful links:
Here you can see the cloud cover and aurora forecast for Iceland a couple of days ahead:
Here you can see how the NOAA agency estimates the current aurora levels:

Iceland is on center right, just above the red circle marked ‚60‘ and remember that Earth rotates.

This is the information we use to estimate whether we go or not on a particular night – but please note:

Both are predictions and estimates, not facts – and beyond our control, as the weather.

Tour Highlights Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights
– See the amazing Aurora Borealis with your own eyes
– Note: Sightings cannot be guaranteed, but we do our very best

Make the most of your days
– Visit some of Iceland’s highlights along the way
– Chat with the driver guide and get to know Iceland

Fun off-roading
– Wherever we do go, we include some great off-road tracks to enjoy in the Super Jeep

What to bring and other helpful details

Warm wind & wet proof clothes
Warm sweater (fleece or wool)
Good shoes (preferably hiking boots)
Comfortable evening wear
Bathing suit

To book a tour, please send us an email to with which tour(s) and options you wish to book, on which dates and for how many people and we will calculate the total cost, send you a booking number and a link to our secure booking page.

Tour details

Price: Ask for quote

Available: Sept. 20 – March 20
Duration: As you wish

Private super-jeep & driverguide
Accommodation w/breakfast

Book Tour:

For your safety, Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions