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Fjallabak Photo Tour

with local Icelandic photographer & guide

On this photo tour we focus on a fantastic nature reserve in the Icelandic highlands; Fjallabak (‚Behind the Mountains‘). Landmannalaugar in Fjallabak is a well known destination for landscape photographers, famous for it‘s multi-coloured rhyolite mountains and volcanic landscape.  The highlands of Fjallabak has so much more and is a favorite area for many Icelandic landscape photographers – but because it‘s remote and off the main roads, it‘s mostly un-tapped. There only rough mountain tracks with unbridged rivers and streams so it‘s inaccessible to normal cars and buses. We have the proper 4×4 super-truck to get the most exciting places. Among the features to photograph are black obsidian lava against geothermal steam vents, snow and green mossy mountains, reflections in a secluded mountain lakes and crater lakes, winding rivers and waterfalls so remote they don‘t have an official name.  This is a photographic adventure and your chance to get a great collection of mountain landscape photographs that differ from the rest.

This tour is on a Super-Truck that can take you to the remote locations with local photographer and driverguide who knows the secret pearls of the Icelandic highlands.

Itinerary for Fjallabak Photography Adventure in October 2017

Sept. 29: Arrival in Iceland (Flights to Iceland not included)
Transfer to Reykjavik is not included but you  can either take the Flybus to Reykjavik or we can arrange for a private taxi transfer (40 min. drive). Since most people arrive in the morning, after an overnight flight from North America, there will be a introductory photo tour around Reykjavik led by Robert.
Meals included: None but we will gladly recommend restaurants in Reykjavik
Accommodation: Hotel in Reykjavik

Sept. 30: Tour start; Hjalparfoss, Gjain and Haifoss Waterfall
We drive out of Reykjavik and on the way to the highlands we stop at Hjalparfoss, Gjain and Haifoss, Iceland’s third highest waterfall. For sunset we go to Sigalda canyon for a photography session. In the evening, we photograph the Northern lights (aurora borealis) if the skies are clear. This applies to all nights.
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Hrauneyjar highland hotel

Oct. 1: Veidivotn Crater Lakes or Hrafntinnusker in Fjallabak
Today’s plan will depend on the weather. We will either go to Veidivotn, a series of crater lakes with amazing reflections against the neon green mossy lava but it also has black sand deserts, red lava, river deltas and mountains. If the weather is cloudy and moody, we will probably select this option. If the weather is bright, we will probably go into Fjallabak, to Hrafntinnusker to photograph the black obsidian against a small ice cap with streaks of ash and all the colorful geothermal areas of Fjallabak. Aurora photography at night if weather permits.
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Hrauneyjar highland hotel

Oct. 2: Fjallabak; Landmannalaugar & Crater Lakes
It is said that every nature photographer in Iceland goes through a Landmannalaugar-phase, the colours of the mountains, the lava and hot springs provide endless opportunities for a great landscape and nature photography. Of course we need to stop there for at least a couple of hours. We then drive through highlands, to an area known as Fjallabak („Behind the Mountains”). The landscape and scenery changes with every turn and on every hill on this winding mountain track. We will stop at your request and shoot – but there are so many amazing landscape photos to be taken that we almost certainly need to be a bit selective – just so that we reach our hotel before dinner. The Fjallabak route takes us to the south shore, to the ring road and then we drive through the Laki lava field which is among the largest lava fields in the world before reaching Skaftafell National Park. Our hotel is at the edge of the glacier so you can take an evening or morning walk to the edge of the glacier on your own – you can even photograph the glacier from your hotel room window. Enjoy and photograph Northern lights (aurora borealis) if the skies are clear.
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Skaftafell

Oct 3: Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Vatnajokull National Park
Sunrise photography session: Glaciers at Skaftafell Easy morning with breakfast and then after check out you have the option to take a boat cruise on Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon which is one of the most spectacular places in Iceland and a location for numerous films and ads. We also visit another glacier lagoon which is much less frequently visited, Fjallsarlon and dramatic glacier tongues of Vatnajokull glacier. We will also visit the black sand beach where the icebergs from the glacier lagoon drift ashore. This is a must see location for photographers and you will hardly find a photo book that does not include many photos from Jokulsarlon. Sunset photography session: Icy beach by Jokulsarlon Hopefully we will photograph the Northern lights (aurora borealis) over the glacier lagoon
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Gerdi Guesthouse

Oct 4: South Shore & Black Sand Beach
Sunrise photography session: Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon After breakfast you will have some down time to relax and the guides will be available to assist with image processing. Later we drive to Stokksnes for the the afternoon and sunset photography, perhaps with a short scenic detour to Skalafellsjokull glacier on Vatnajokull ice cap. Sunset photography session: Stokksnes by Hofn
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Gerdi Guesthouse

Oct 5: South Shore & Black Sand Beach
Sunrise photography session: Icy Beach by Jokulsarlon After breakfast and check out we drive to Laki Craters, a series of volcanic craters that created the largest lava flow that has flowed on earth in historical times. We also stop at Fjadrargljufur canyon before we drive to Iceland’s south shore at Vik and stop at all the classic sights; black sand beach and lava pillars at Vik and Reynisfjara. Sunset shots of Reynisdrangar – and hopefully auroras in the evening.
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Edda Vik

Oct 6: Thorsmork Nature Reserve
Morning shoot at the black sand beach before we move to Skogafoss waterfall and drive into Thorsmork Nature Reserve. Sunset shoot at Seljalandsfoss.
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Fljotshlid

Oct 7: Southern Fjallabak
We drive into Fjallabak Nature Reserve from the south, towards Markarfljot canyon for a great waterfall and other hidden nature gems. If the skies are clear we get a great view of the famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano.
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack + dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Fljotshlid

Oct 8: Hekla, approach from east, depart west and back to Reykjavik.
The last day we use to get back to the beginning; Hekla volcano but this time we approach it from the east, through the newer lava fields and onto the Hekla-ridge. This route gives us a completely new and a rare angle to this second most active volcano in Iceland. We stop at Rauðaskál (‚Red Bowl‘) which is quite a red crater on the ridge, not far from the summit. After spending the morning around Hekla we drive west towards Reykjavik where the tour ends in the afternoon.
Meals included: Breakfast + lunch pack
Accommodation: Hotel in Reykjavik

Oct 9. 30: Departure
If your flight is in the afternoon, it’s ideal to enjoy a relaxing soak in the Blue Lagoon on your way to the airport (not incl.)
Note: You can easily extend your stay in Iceland and we will gladly hel

To book a tour, please send us an email to info@NatureExplorer.is with which tour(s) and options you wish to book, on which dates and for how many people and we will calculate the total cost, send you a booking number and a link to our secure booking page.

Tour details

Price: Ask for quote

Accommodation* in the best locations, hotels with breakfast, lunches, group dinners for 8 nights, guided tour with a local English speaking guide with solid knowledge of photography and Iceland – led by local photographer and guide.

Excluded: Flights to and from Iceland, drinks

Enquiry: info@NatureExplorer.is

For your safety, Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions