Glacier Extreme Super Jeep Tour

Cruise across Europe´s largest glacier

Take a sauna on top of Iceland’s most active volcano – in the middle of the glacier.

See the Northern Lights, ice caves, glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon from an angle like no other tourist can. This is a tour we have done personally for ourselves as one of the most extreme and extraordinary tours in Iceland. It is unique – but not for everybody.

Tour details:
Duration: 6 days
Season:  February – April
Price: Contact us

Everything except flights to/from Iceland
Price: Contact us
Available: Feb – April

It is an extreme tour and not for everybody. Please read the details and contact us.

There are no reviews – yet – because we haven’t taken clients on this tour but we have been doing it for years for ourselves. Want to be the first?

For your safety Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours due to weather, road and snow conditions

Itinerary for Glacier Extreme Super Jeep Tour

Day 1: Departure from Reykjavik
10:00 AM. We pick you up at your hotel and we head out of Reykjavik and straight for Jokulheimar, a mountain hut at the base of Vatnajokull glacier. Vatnajokull is Europe´s largest glacier and the largest glacier outside the arctic regions in the world. Jokulheimar means “glacier world” and is truly a winter kingdom; rugged and raw in the middle of nowhere. The last 50km (30miles) are off-road on snow so the adventure begins immediately. Instead of ploughing through the snow, our Super-Jeeps will float on the snow by deflating the big tires. We might get stuck and you might have to shuffle some snow but we´ll get there – and have lots of fun doing it. In Jokulheimar, the complete silence, the crisp clean air and the remoteness is pure soul food. But that´s not the only food you´ll get – Once there, the guides will chill the wine and grill delicious Icelandic salmon. In the evening, if skies are clear we might see the Northern Lights dance across the skies. The Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis are one of the most spectacular shows on this earth and can frequently be seen in Iceland from September through April on clear and crisp nights. Travelling through the Icelandic highlands and glaciers in mid-winter is an adventure for people who want something different and unique.

Day 2: Volcano in middle of Vatnajokull glacier
At daylight we start making our way up the glacier. We´ll climb on our Super-Jeeps 50 km into the center of Vatnajokull glacier, up to 1700 m.a.s. were we stay in a warm hut owned by the Iceland Glaciological Society. The hut is on top of a volcano, Grimsfjall and is always warm since it is geothermally heated by the volcano. Cruising across the vast glacier is just cool and fun. Our expert drivers are equipped with GPS and vhf-radios and have years of experience so you are quite safe. Just north of – or below Grimsfjall is lake Grimsvotn, which is Iceland´s most active volcano. It has erupted more frequently in the past 1100 years than any other volcano in Iceland and is also one of the most powerful geothermal areas in the world. In fact, the geothermal heat beneath the glacier melts the ice from the bottom up creating the lake underneath the iceshelf. How long it takes to get there depends upon weather and snow conditions but once there, we´ll get our stuff in and have something to eat before going out to play. Being in the center of the glacier gives us plenty of exciting options. We might drive to the south end of the glacier and take the high view of the south coast. Those who like can be pulled on skis, snowboard or a giant tube – or just enjoy the comfort of our Super-Jeeps. After dinner we´ll go for a the most extraordinary sauna you will ever take in your life – on top of a volcano in the middle of Europe´s largest glacier. And after that we might enjoy the Northern Lights – or a snowstorm – with a glass of champagne…  Sounds like an adventure? It is.

Day 3: Kverkfjoll: hot springs and Ice Caves
We have a whole day on the glacier and we plan to make the most of it. If conditions allow we´ll cruise the glacier to the north edge of it, to the mountains of Kverkfjoll. There you´ll find Ice caves and warm lakes surrounded by the thick icecap which are formed by countless hotsprings under the volcanoes in Kverkfjoll. This makes the Kverkfjoll area unique in the world. By normal means of travel, Kverkfjoll are only accessible about two months a year in summer time and from below and requires hours of hiking to get to. If our plans succeed, we´ll approach them from the glacier and from the top on our Super-Jeeps and deliver you right into the center of this wonder world. Who knows, perhaps you´ll be taking a warm footbath in lake created by melted ice and hotsprings in Europe´s largest glacier… or maybe explore an ice cave. In the evening the guides will grill a traditional Icelandic lamb which you´ll enjoy in the warm hut with some red wine. After dinner you might want to relax in the sauna or we might see the Northern Lights.

Day 4: Iceland´s highest peak and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
This day we depart from the hut on Grimsfjall but the adventure is far from over. We drive south and east across the glacier, go close to Iceland´s highest peak, Hvannadalshnjukur before making our way down the glacier tongue that ends in the spectacular glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon, where a large part of the last James Bond movie was filmed. Driving across and down a glacier, from 1700m.a.s. to sea level is a long and adventurous day with some spectacular scenery. It´s a black and white world with steep black Rocky Mountains rising through the white glacier.  You´ll see crumbling ice and crevasses and if weather permits, enjoy a fantastic view of Iceland´s south shore. We´ll approach the glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon from above, something few other than James Bond (in You Only Live Twice) have done. Unfortunately the ice hotel from the last James Bond movie is not still there but we´ll stay in more comfort at a country hotel on the south shore. Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon on Iceland´s south shore

Day 5: South shore; black sanded beaches & waterfalls
We head back to Reykjavik along the south shore, go off-roading on a black sanded beach, walk behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, visit Dyrholaey and Skogarfoss waterfall. When in Reykjavik we drop you off at your hotel. In the evening you have the option of joining us for a last dinner (not incl.) and maybe go clubbing (we´ll provide VIP-status to the best pubs & clubs) – or you choose to enjoy the last night in Reykjavik on your own.

Day 6: Departure Day
Or you can choose to extend your stay in Reykjavik.


Super-jeep with driverguide for days 1-5
All food & drinks (incl. wine & beer) for days 1-5
Accommodation (mountain cabins and hotels)

Extended stay, before or after the tour
Upgrading to a 4* hotel in Reykjavik

Excluded: Grimsfjall Hut in the center of Europe´s largest glacier
Dinner on day 5 in Reykjavik
Flights to and from Iceland

Only 2-4 passangers in each Super-jeep
Minimum level of fitness and mental ability to cope
No dangerous allergies or medical conditions that make it dangerous for you to travel in the wilderness or on a glacier.
All you need to bring are clothes, camera and adventureous spirit

Disclaimers and/or common sense explanations: Crossing glacier rivers

No lawsuits please. We don´t have a team of lawyers to write a 20 page disclaimer so we need to appeal to your common sense and accept that travelling across Europe´s largest glacier is not like processing tourist through Madame Thussauds. We know what we are doing, we have done this for many years but there are a number of things beyond our control.

We can´t control the weather.

The glacier and the snow conditions vary greatly, we can´t say how long it takes to get from A-B, or even if we can get there in most extreme cases.

The Northern Lights are a a natural phenomenon and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Something unexpected will come up and we need to be able to keep our heads and good spirit, have some patience and enjoy the adventure.

Do you want to be the first in the world to join this Glacier Extreme Adventure?

At Nature Explorer we share your passion for travel and we would love to share a great winter adventure in Iceland. We specialize in small groups and big adventures for active people. Our guides are expert mountaineers, knowledgeable about Iceland but first and foremost they take pride in providing personal service.

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Tour details

Price: ISK 37900 per person

Available: Every day
Min: 2 people
Max: 5 pax per Super-Jeep
Duration: 8 – 10 hours
Departures: Daily at 9:00

Free hotel pick up in Reykjavik 10 – 20 min. before
50% discount for children 0-11 years old

Not included: Lunch and refreshments
Optional: Visit to the Ice tunnel / ice cave in Langjokull glacier, ISK 12000 per person
Optional: You can book the Magnificent West + Glacier as a private tour for ISK 143000 total

Super Jeep cruising down Langjokull Glacier in West Iceland

For your safety, Nature Explorer reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions